Houston County Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff Donald J. Valenza


Press Release


         The Houston County Sheriff’s Office, with the assistance of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, is currently conducting an Investigation involving an unidentified victim.

         The victim was located in the Southwest portion of Houston County.  The victim is a black male, estimated age between 25 – 40.  His hair is short, receding, and he has a goatee.  He also has multiple tattoos:  1) Tattoo of a Cross on the upper right arm; 2) Tattoo of a Rabbit on the right forearm; 3) Tattoos of Symbols & Letters across his right hand between the knuckles and wrist; 4) Tattoo of a Marijuana Leaf on the left inside forearm; & 5) Tattoo on the left chest of the word ‘MYISHA’.

         We are attempting to identify this individual, and all assistance would be appreciated.  If anyone has any information that can assist in the identification, please call the Houston County Sheriff’s Office at (334) 677-4808.

         No further information is available to be released at this time, as the case is being actively Investigated.