1. Mail shall be inspected for contraband to ensure facility safety and security.

2. All incoming personal inmate mail will be sent in on a single sheet of 8 ½ X 11 card stock which will be folded in half and taped on both edges and the top. Nothing may be inserted in the folded card stock and the edges and the top cannot be completely sealed. No hand-delivered mail or packages will be accepted. Only letters hand written in ink or typed will be accepted, nothing in crayon or non-ink substances. No photocopies of any sort will be accepted. No photographs of any kind will be accepted. Incoming mail will only be delivered to the inmate it is addressed to.

3. Personal mail received for an inmate will be documented, opened, inspected and may be read before delivery to the inmate.

4. No incoming mail will be accepted if there is any foreign substance on it, appears to be stained, has an aroma, or appears to contain contraband.

5. All incoming mail must have the sender's first and last name, complete address, inmate # and pod location on the envelope. No nicknames will be accepted.