The Field Operations Bureau is composed of four uniformed patrol squads.  The HCSO has two day shift patrol squads, which work on opposite days, and two night shift patrol squads, which also work on opposite days.  Each squad is led by a lieutenant or a sergeant.


Patrol deputies are the HCSO’s first responders.  They wear the familiar tan and brown HCSO uniform and drive black vehicles marked with gold sheriff’s stars and lettering.  The typical patrol vehicle is equipped with a mobile computer, a digital video recording system, a traffic radar, and mobile radios that connect the deputy to Houston County Sheriff’s Office and Dothan Police Communications.


Patrol deputies attend a law enforcement academy accredited by the Alabama Peace Officers Standards and Training Commission and complete a field training program under the supervision of a field training officer.  Patrol deputies also undergo annual training on a variety of subjects.


The patrol force includes two Belgian Malinois dual-purpose drug detection and apprehension dogs, a Belgian Malinois single-purpose drug detection dog, and two bloodhound tracking dogs.